Benefits of Online Gambling For an Individual

Lot has been made about the problems online gambling can create, but how does an individual actually benefit from gambling? If it would be so harmful as it’s often portrayed, why would it still be legal and people would enjoy it every day?

Gambling is Fun

It’s true. Who wouldn’t enjoy the rush of a last second goal or the suspense of sweating the Mega Jackpot in Mega Fortune? You can spend hours watching a game or spinning the wheel on slots, without having to stress over real life issues. It’s a form of escapism, and everyone needs to get away from their

As per study made at Stanford University, most gamblers are just out for fun. The percent of addictive gamblers is quite small, to be honest, and for the 98% us who enjoy a bet now and then, there’s nothing wrong with going to a game and putting ten dollars for the Leads to win tonight.

Dopamine Release

When we gamble, we get a dopamine release in our brain. For human it’s essential to get dopamine, as long as we don’t go overboard with it. Dopamine is released when we feel good about something and get rewarded.

If dopamine isn’t released in the brain, our sanity is at risk. Humans need to feel good at times to keep the brain functioning normally. If we don’t get enough dopamine, it could lead to severe trouble, such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Low motivation
  • Memory loss

For people like us, gambling is the optimal dopamine release. But just like in any area of life, however, things need to be kept under control. Gambling – just like having a beer or going to a night out at times is just fun – nothing else. But if it becomes something you do every day and feel it’s something you can’t control, it may take over your life. The key is self-control.

Amaya Gaming Previews Record 2016, CFO retires

Canadian online gambling giant Amaya Gaming updated previous guidance for the year of 2016. Amaya now expects revenues to come in between $1,153 and $1,158 million, as compared to approx $1,072 million in 2015. Amay also announced the retirement of long-time Chief Financial Officer, Daniel Sebag.

Record Year Thanks To Q4, ”Further Headwinds” Ahead

Amaya CEO Rafi Ashkenazi says that 2016 will be a record year of revenues for Amaya, mainly because of better than expected fourth quarter results from casino offering, operational excellence program and a successful re-launch in Portugal combined with ”efficient and measured approach” to marketing.

With revenue at the high-end of the previous guidance range, adjusted earnings are also expected to come in at the upper end of the previous forecast and to fall between $521m and $526m ($459m in 2015). Adjusted net earnings will come in between $364m and $374m ($291m in 2015). Amaya will unveil its final audited 2016 results in early March.

Ashkenazi also warned of ”further headwinds” in 2017, particularly from the continued declines in the value of Amaya´s customers´local currencies against the US dollar and the expected exit from the Australian market. Australia currently accounts for 2.5% of Amaya revenue.

Fastest Growth Comes From Casino And Sportsbook

Amaya says that fourth quarter unique real-money customers rose 8% (year-on-year) to around 2.6m. Most of them (2.5m) played online poker on PokerStars, but the fastest growing areas were casino customers (+47% year-on-year) and the new sportsbook. Also, customer registrations increased by 2.6 million during the quarter to approximately 108 million at the end of the year.

CFO Daniel Sebag retires

Amaya also announced that long-time Chief Financial Officer Daniel Sebag has decided to retire. Sebag has been the CFO for Amaya since its formation in 2007. He has agreed to stay on until a suitable successor is appointed. Amaya is starting “global CFO search” and hopes to identify a successor as soon as possible.